Mrs Miscreated |PVE | BaseBuilding |No PVP - Whitelisted Only

This is a Friendly Server!!


  1.  NO killing other players.
  2.  No Base raiding. (Do not enter a players base unless invited)
  3.  Please do not block the roads with your bases.
  4.  You can do Trading, swapping or giving away guides or loot.
  5.  Only 1 vehicle per Base, No vehicle hoarding
  6.  Only 1 Tent to be kept in a base, No Hoarding tents
  7.  Feel free to use the community boxes on the island
  8.  No building in the caves, as would be nice that everyone can explore them.
  9.  You need to post a screenshot of your base, or look in the bases on this server channel and tell me which number is  yours. If you are still building, just let me know. (this is to help with no vehicle hoarding/ rule breaking)
  10.  You need to keep connected to discord, which is where we will communicate any rule changes or problems on the server.
  11.  Please make sure you have changed your ingame name from survivor
  •                             -------- COMMUNITY VEHICLES --------
                Bus    -    Taxi    -  Police Car  -   Swat    -   Army    -   Buggy 
  • Are NOT to be hoarded in bases, And are for everyone to use. So please leave on the roads for everyone to see and use. NO hiding in bushes etc , leave on the road. 
  • - If you come across a vehicle PLEASE type in chat to see if anyone is using the vehicle and give that person a chance to respond if no one responds you may take the vehicle. But only if someone is not using it.

I think this will help in everyone getting a chance to use the vehicles to get to their destinations. Any Rules that are not abided by  - Admin will remove any extra Vehicles/Tents if spotted in bases, bushes etc.
Unfortunately they will sometimes have to remove walls or doors to do this. But if you are not breaking the rules then this shouldn’t be a problem.
If you find walls/doors missing and want to check it was admin, send me a message in the group or discord.
I would really like to get a nice community on this server for Basebuilding and exploring the map.
I will be holding some events on the server, if you have any ideas or would like to create one just let me know.  
Just post it in the Chat channels in discord.

Any Players not following these rules will be spoken to and if necessary Banned from the server.