Mrs Miscreated |ONE LIFE | RP / Permadeath - Whitelisted Only

You have one life to live and every choice has its repercussions...


Unlike other Mrs Miscreated servers, One Life is a whitelisted strict Roleplay (RP) server. One Life enforces a Perma-death rule, meaning if your character dies in a legitimate RP situation, that character is permanently dead. Players are allowed to make a new character and begin their journey anew, however this style encourages people to value the life of their character and make choices that reflect the desire to live. Our goal is to foster long term and dynamic roleplay and interactive storylines. 


One Life Abridged Server Rules:

1. Every interaction in game MUST be roleplayed. This includes casual hellos all the way to even the most complicated theft and banditry.

2. Base Raiding is not allowed in any fashion. If you are caught inside someone else’s base without permission, it is immediate grounds for a ban.

3. Killing on Sight (KOS) is not allowed under any circumstance. Any Hostile intentions must be made clear through Roleplay in the game or must be the result of organic, escalating RP.

4. You must be a member of the server Discord and follow the Discord rules.

5. Meta-gaming is NOT allowed. Meta-gaming includes, but is not limited to, using knowledge or information that was gained Out of Character for In Character purposes.

Using third-party VOIP programs, including Discord, is also not allowed and falls under the Meta-gaming rule. Utilize the In Game radio and In Character Discord chatrooms.

6. Only one (1) vehicle registration per person. All vehicles must be registered with the appropriate Staff (Strongarm Zed). Registration information includes the model and type of vehicle and an accompanying screen shot. This allows Admins to ensure that vehicles are being utilized by active players and are not being hoarded away for storage purposes.

7. Be aware there are both OOC and IC rules. OOC server rule infractions can get you banned from the server, IC Island rule infractions can get your character hunted by law enforcement.

Server Lore 

Commonly Used Roleplay Terms

Server (OOC) Rules 

Island (IC) Rules 

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