Updates !!!

Update #51

Servers• mis_kick fixed kicking by connection's id, added being able to use the Steam id to kick a player
• Improved method base building parts are sent to clients should fix some common base building issues
• Fixed a continual server crash on servers with a lot of farm animals

Game• Fixed Kythera crash when game is located in a path with some unicode characters
• Fixed issue where some network messages from the server may be missed while logging into the game
• Actionable menu won't appear when weapon is raised around bushes
• Disable lean, jump, and reload during usage of a scope
• World actions may randomly determine which item is found now
• Item durability is now saved and restored when logging back in
• Military spawn locations added
• Adusted police spawn locations so most won't spawn military gear
• Scopes now work on many of the existing weapons
• More world actions added
• Lights will now turn off when a generator runs out of fuel, or an item being removed from it 
• Items that can be stored in the belt slots can no longer be stored in secondary slots
• Added recipe to convert old "Sniper Scope" to new "Hunting Scope", as the former is no longer supported on the M40A5

Base Building• Removed texture color change when base parts are damaged to see if it eliminates a common crash
• Only show the upgrade part action if the player has the required upgrade part in their inventory

UI• Fixed the brightness, tesselation, and view distance video options
• Updated the look of the chat window to match the new overall theme

Items• Binoculars added
• Police vests added
• Flak vests added
• Kriss Vector added
• Smoke grenade traps added
• Craftable bow added
• Craftable arrows added
• New scarf variations added (colors can be crafted)
• Many sneaker variations addeds
• Increased laser attachment accuracy
• Adjusted recoil on the AKM
• Fixed headlamp light not working
• Decreased weight of gnomes
• Increased damage of the 12-gauge slugs
• Decreased the Katana's weight
• Damage caused by the bear trapped is slightly increased
• Adjusted weights on most magazines
• Bows should now display the correct arrow, depending which magazine is equipped
• Added Craftable Bow recipe

Map• Updated Orca Dam area, includes more detail and more item spawns
• Added new player spawn location north of Brightmoor on the east coast
• Updated broken down pickup trucks with newer models
• Fixed radiation zone going over road near center hills
• Updated lighting in Sewers
• Updated lighting in Hotel

Audio• Adjusted sedan sounds inside cabin
• Balanced volume of footsteps on varying surfaces
• Balanced volume of projectile weapons

Animations• Kriss v animations created and setup
• Scope animations added for:
- AT-15 (Optic)
- Mod16 (Optic)
- MK18 (Optic)
- M40A5 (Hunting, optic)
- Carlington (Hunting, optic)
- Renegade (Hunting)
- Hunting rifle (Hunting)

• Firing animations and setup altered to work with scopes
• Ironsight strafing movement looping error corrected
• Dedicated animations for M16, and MK18 firing added
• Weapon animations added to firing for AT15, MK18, and M16 (casing extractor movement added)
• Tranquilizer reload animation fix so dart enters the barrel correctly
• Left hand polish in MK18 aimposes
• Crafted bow and recurve bow now correctly display the type of arrow in use (aluminum/wood)
• Binocular animations added
• Alterations to base movement animations (nw, and weapon) so transitions don't cause weapon to go too close to characters face
• Swimming search self animation added
• Improvements to left hand search self animation to stop issues when dropping active weapon whilst in inventory
• Removed some feet sliding whilst crouching
• Altered transition between crouching and standing stances to be smoother
• Flak vest skinned to male and female character
• Police vest skinned to male and female character
• Reexported weapons for scopes (rail alterations to work with scopes, addition of rails to weapons without them that need them)
• Altered on ground models for certain weapons so they sit correctly on player when stowed
• Mutant idle sounds added
• Whistle stimulus option changed so AI should react to it
• Improvements to drinking and eating animations - particularly when viewing from SFP
• 556x100 box mag now animates during reloading
• New chambered reload animation added for MK18

Update #50

Hotfix #50a - 06/16/17• MP5, 10mm magazine, 10mm ammo pile, and the bear trap will all spawn now • Slighly increased chance for the m249 and its magazine to spawn • Fixed coast guard hangars • Fixed "Favorite" on server browser favoriting the wrong server • Fixed client crash related to plot signs • Added a missing plated part's icon • Altered trap recipes so players now start with three traps • Fixed view distance issue with bases • Fixed missing door sounds for plated doors • Base parts can only be upgraded by clan members • Megaphone context menu will only appear when the item is equipped • Opened the gate from Clyde Hill to the new dam • Fixed looting issue where a corpse's jacket slots wouldn't be visible • Some new traps added to Trap guides 1 and 2 • Damage reduction from all helmets adjusted • Some Kythera AI fixes • Recompiled shader cacheUpdate #50 - 06/14/17AI SystemKythera now runs all AI on top of our optimized "animal" system
There will likely be some AI issues related to moving to the animal system that we will fix in future updates

Traps• Several types of traps have now been added to the game
• All traps will be removed on a server restart (they are not base building items and can be placed anywhere)
• Most traps are crafted, but some can also be found in the world
• Some traps are destroyed when triggered
• Some traps are disabled when triggered and need to be reset
• To reset some traps requires an item in your inventory - flare trap, for example
• Traps can be packed up and moved
• Traps can be shot to damage, destroy, and trigger them
• Some traps need a guide to be made

Servers• Adjusted default time so daytime lasts 6 hours (real time) and nights are only 1.5 hours
• This change gives most players the experience to play during daylight hours in game
• Server renters can still override the default times

World Action System• Players can now interact with many things in the world (more will be added in future updates)
Some examples:
• Drink from rivers (this will make you sick in a future update)
• Search for rocks on the ground (depending on the terrain)
• Search for sticks from specific bushes
• Tearing rags from some cloth items
• Searching vending machines for soda
• And a few more...

Game• Optimizations to reduce server CPU usage by about 9% from prior versions
• Slightly increased overall item spawn rates
• Belt slot added to character's inventory - can be used to store some smaller equipment
• Fix for flashlight on/off state getting out of sync between clients
• Adjusted recoil screen shake
• Helmets now provide head protection (amount varies based on the helmet)

Map• Added a new Skyscraper exterior at the base of the tower in Hayward
• Added a new underground carpark in Hayward with a connection tunnel to the sewer system
• More map expansion to north of Brightmoor
• Added new Orca Dam location in North Brightmoor region
• Fixed a few minor level issues reported by players

Items• Survivotron can be activated and listened to while it's in a belt slot (doesn't need to be the active weapon)
• Fixed spelling of smoke grenades
• Fixed squeegee spawn direction
• Added MP5 style weapon
• Added 10mm magazine for the MP5 weapon
• Added rare M249 weapon - shoots 5.56 rounds
• Added rare 100 capacity magazine for the M249
• Repair kits added
• Large magazines may need to be unloaded more than once - each time will give you a max pile size of ammo
• Reduced max pile size for 9mm rounds from 40 to 30
• Reduced max pile size for .22 rounds from 15 to 10
• New jackets added - 4 color variations
• Yellow track pants added
• Fixed survival knife not casting shadows
• Katana added
• Two new recipe guides added - Traps 1 and Traps 2

Base Building• Most base parts can now be upgraded from wood to plated - requires Sheet Metal in your inventory
• Plated base parts have higher health than its wooden version
• Plated base parts can be packed up and moved as a plated part
• Larger bases can now last up to four weeks (was two weeks)

Vehicles• Fuel and oil levels are restored on a server restart
• Vehicles consume fuel and oil while their engines are running

UI• Splash screen changed and Crytek copyright added
• Two new belt slots added - used to store more utility focused items - handcuffs, Survivotron, rope, ...
• Old video options is now broken into two tabs - Display and Graphics
• A few more controls have been added to adjust display and graphics options
• Many context menu options added to the Survivotron to control it
• Added keybind to toggle HUD's visibility (useful for taking screenshots)
• Updated wool glove icons to match in game models
• Fix for favorite items not working in the server browser
• Temperature bar will no longer be visible (will be added back in with a temperature system update)
• Individual status bars will only be visible when they are at 99% or less (or above 1% for bad related stats)
• Radiation and torpidity bars are now green when in the good range and proceed to red as they get worse

Audio• Player death sounds now play
• Added M249 sounds
• Added bear trap sounds
• Fixed Rengade 700 reload sound so it doesn't play server wide
• Footstep sounds added for two-headed dog
• Footstep sounds added for grey wolves

AI• AI counts in the game have been increased
• More AI spawn locations added
• Fixed physics proxy issue on a couple of the AI

Animations• Fixed skinning influence on the main character's toes
• Altered punching so you are less prone to pass through walls
• Removed procedural layer, which was causing vehicles to be pushed through terrain if sat on top of them
• M40a5, Carlington, and Hunting rifle reloads had a polishing pass
• MP5 animation set added
• All clothing for the main character altered to stop clipping between layers
• Crouching and walking with rifle caused hyperextension in the left arm. This is no longer the case
• Change firemode sounds added
• Leather jacket skinned
• M249 animations added

Textures and Materials• Updated campfire

Update #49

Hotfix #49a - 05/22/17• Fixed issue with items disappearing in crates when the crate is far from the plot sign location
• Fixed crash when placing base building items after joining another server
• Fixed potential crash when exiting a ladder
• Fixed issue with resolution support
• Fixed potential crash when starting to attack with a weapon
• Fixed issue when opening the inventory of larger items (vehicles, tents)
• Fixed issue with map's vehicles not being harvest-able for metal
• Fixed issue with background color on the inventory slots when dragging over them
• Fixed item spawners in broken vehicles that were not able to be looted
• Fixed issue with "Official" filter on the server browser not working correctly
• Ignore collision damage done to players by ladders
• Updated shader cache to reduce stalls while playing
• Mutants can now have rocks on their corpse
• Stick forest spawn model is now a lot larger so it's easier to find
• Fixed issue with not being able to create a clan

Update #49 - 05/17/17Torpidity and Unconsciousness System Added*See section at end of the patch notes for an overview

Servers• Whitelisted servers can now remain online up to 24h without restart (a very busy server is still recommended to be restarted every 12 hours)

Game• Campfire will now turn off when wood is removed from it
• Campfire won't use up lumber after being extinguished
• Balanced damage amounts and sound radius on almost all weapons
• Added torpidity handling to consumables and medical items
• Fixed issue with last round not being fired/heard for remote clients
• Fixed for ladders to help prevent players becoming invisible from using them
• Magazine and ammo piles cannot be unloaded or split while in a weapon
• Fixed several item spawn locations to reduce floating items when spawned in
• Fixes for invisible player issue
• Fixes for "Another player is too close" issues
• Added ability to loot corpses while swimming
• Rocks, sticks, and mushrooms can now be found around the world on the ground
• Adjusted spawn rates of different ammunition types
• Increased chance for weapon attachments to spawn
• Fixed performance issue with more detailed logging levels enabled
• Can now loot all items from a bound or incapacitated player

Crafting• Added craftable solar powered generator
• Added craftable arrow types
• Crafted sandbags will be dropped on the ground if the player's inventory is full
• Added wolf pelt rug for base building
• Added stone hammer, hatchet, and pickaxe

Items• Tranquilizer gun and darts added
• Shotgun bean bag rounds added
• Sleep, tear, and nerve grenades added
• Solar panel crafting parts added
• Added some stone weapons
• Fix for some consumables not playing emote/sound
• Eating a rotten apple now causes a negative effect
• Crossbows and bows always spawn with arrows
• Added red headlamp
• Added adrenaline syringe

Vehicles• Changed base implementation of the 5-ton truck - better physics, suspension, rolling, tire slipping behaviors - can climb steeper slopes

Map• Added expansive sewer system to Hayward Valley
• Added some extra detail and some expansion east of Hayward Valley
• Attempt to block Quad bikes from going up the stairs in the hotel building

UI• Updated main menu hints with hints related to this update
• Added status bar rows for stamina and torpidity (bars will be hidden in a future update when not needed to reduce the amount visible)

AI• Rocks thrown by AI no longer cause increased damage due to headshots

Audio• Rats now play squeaking noises
• Added some additional checks to hopefully prevent weapon fire sounds from not being distance attenuated
• Splash sound added when you jump in shallow water

Base Building• For normal build rules, plot signs can only be placed on the terrain or on top of rocks (existing plot signs are not affected)
• Fixed decay timer issue when an item is added/removed/moved in a tent or storage crate

Animations• Megalite - altered position so on/off animation matches flashlight and small megalite
• Unconscious animation set added
• Tranquilizer gun animation set added
• Sit exit animation now is triggered correctly
• Reason for console spam during movement around AI fixed
• M40A5 FP poses and animations changed to better match TP (for when scope is used)
• AKM reload polished
• Wasteland22 fire animation polished as well as refinement of the left hand position 
• Self search animations added when inventory window is open
• Added animation when picking up items
• Slope animations for all movement changed as well as alterations to the set up to improve the smoothness of motion on hills
• Terrain foot alignment added for a couple of idles which were missing it
• Wool gloves skinning error fixed. Tearing of mesh won't occur now when doing certain movements such as the middle finger emote
• Renegade 700 fire rate altered to match animation length

*Torpidity and Unconsciousness System Explanation• The unconsciousness lasts for about 30 seconds, 10 of those are a full blackout the rest is a recovery period
• The unconscious effect can be extended by applying more torpidity to the knocked out player or made shorter by making him smell salt
• Aspirin and Energy Drinks help counteract existing torpidity when consumed
• Salt can be used to wake someone up just enough for them to stand
• An adrenaline syringe can be used to instantly wake someone up and removes all visual effects
• VoIP can be used while unconscious
• Unconscious players can be incapacitated with duct tape and other binding items

There are various ways a player can become unconscious:
• Drinking too much alcohol/bad food (Rubbing alcohol will knock someone out immediately)
• Being shot with tranquillizer darts
• Sleep gas grenade - You can protect yourself from gas effects by wearing a gas mask, bandana or dust mask. Only the gas mask provides full protection
• Beanbag shotgun shells
• Having less then 4 health and bleeding (Gives you temporary enough health to last about 15 seconds for calling for help bandaging.)
• Flashbang grenade (low amount)

While having an infection/sickness/poison effect the overall torpidity recovery is limited until this effect is removed through usage of antibiotics or medicated bandages

Some weapons also cause torpidity, but will kill before sending you unconscious.
• Poisoned Arrows/Bolts
• Shotgun Shells / Thrown stones
• Explosions

Update #48 - 03/31/2017
  • Fixed bug that was allowing bases to be built anywhere on public (non-whitelisted) servers
  • Server time is also output when using the status command
  • Anti-rad pills can now be used when a player's radiation is at 100%
  • Radiation zones will now affect all players within a zone
  • Molotovs no longer explode if they contact water
  • Several fixes related to the mouse cursor
  • Adjusted algorithm that determines when a player's head is underwater
  • Improved streetlight glow effect - less pixel flickers and better performance
  • Fixed issue with AI not spawning correctly after being killed
  • Fixed issue with mutant packs being incorrectly spawned as wolf packs from a logic standpoint
  • Increased spawn chance for anti-rad mushrooms
  • Removed rear sights from M16 and Mk18 (getting ready for future scopes)
  • Chemlight duration decreased from 15 minutes to 5 minutes, radius from 20m to 15m
  • Added more colors for the bike helmets
  • New salt shaker item (used in crafting)
  • Fixed minor issue with updating vehicle's wheel positions
  • Updated the road tunnel north of Woodhaven with an updated model, lighting and item spawners
  • Optimized gas station prefabs
  • Optimized domestic garage prefabs
  • Fixed floating jerry can spawn points in domestic garages
  • Player spawn points revamped and cover a larger range of the southern area of the map
  • Wolf spawns adjusted
  • Increased view distance of air ducts on top of the shop-n-save
  • Fixed duffel bag icon to be correct color
  • Toggle keys added for zooming and sprinting forward
  • Fixed a lot of audio events missing from surface collisions
  • Some mixed drink recipes added
  • Wooden toilet added for bases
  • Male no sleeve vest vertex coloring fixed - clothing will now have same color as when dropped on the ground
  • Optimized on ground model for the recurve bow
  • Added some IK bones for LOD characters, so animations work correctly after bones have been LOD'd
  • Added sound to kick animations
  • Fixes to eating and drinking animations added
  • Tweaks to player's IKs to help with transitions
  • Fixed LOD files for the female's tennis shoes
  • Massively reduced the number of bones needed for AI to optimize animation system for AI, added new LODs
  • New Carlington firing and racking animation
  • M40A5 - fixed double racking sounds when firing looking down the scope
  • New M40A5 firing and racking animation
  • New Hunting Rifle firing and racking animation
  • Fixed issue with normal map on female's eyes
  • Improved shipping container material so they can be placed on their sides
  • Made labels on alcohol bottles two-sided so you can see them through the sides
  • Adjusted materials for the supermarket
  • Improved coffee cup materials
  • Added LODs for recurve bow when on the ground
  • Fixed vertex colors for the no sleeve vests
  • Reduced specular value on the sandbags
  • Fixes issues with some of the fire department materials
  • Fixed physics proxies on some house walls - made them thicker
  • Improved physics proxy on the carlift and ramps
  • Fixed proxy on three story house to stop players from jumping through the windows
  • LODs added for duffel bags when on the ground


Update #47 - 03/10/2017
Game servers can now support up to 50 players.
i3d will need to determine how and when increased player counts are supported and released - submit a ticket directly to them

  • Headshots now work correctly - was fixed on Feb. 23rd on all servers
  • Fixed "ghostshot" issue
  • Increased surface friction for grass - helps prevent corpses from sliding down hills
  • Slightly increased mass of smaller mutants, and animals, so they will sink in water
  • More potential client crashes fixed
  • Opening your inventory while holding an animal now drops the animal
  • Fixed pve damage multipliers for special cases: lug wrench, self damage like falling, starving, bleeding etc
  • Silencers added - works on some pistols and rifles
  • Added craftable candle players can hold
  • Cargo shorts added - many varieties
  • Adjusted all ammo and magazine proxies to be at a minimum 8cm² - helps keep them falling through stuff when dropped
  • Decreased Megalite radius and intensity - helps prevent shadowing issues
  • Decreased tarp/camo netting mass 2kg->1kg
  • Tarps can now stack to 3
  • Decreased paint can stack size 5->2
  • Increased paint can mass 0.5->1.0
  • Fixed some issues with light flares on the headlamp and flashlight at distance
  • Inreased harvest percent change to 100% for both hammer and pickaxe
  • Fixed damage and description for "Her Majesty" baseball bat
  • Map texture updated with all new roads and locations
  • Increased the size of the small generator
  • Renamed Reflex Sight to Holo Sight
  • Diesel jerry can is now visible from further distance
Base Building
  • Increased light radius for the camping lantern, fixed description
  • Increased large candle radius slightly, added lens flare
  • Adjusted light and particle effects on all candles
  • Increased mass of wood walkstairs 12kg->14kg, build time increased 15s->45s, added four lumber as an additional requirement
  • Decreased 0x4x4 walkway mass 12kg->6kg
  • Increased barbed wire construction time 2s->10/20s (2m/4m), decreased mass 2kg->0.5kg
  • Increased pungi build time 10->20s, increased Woodpile requirement to 4, increased mass from 1kg to 5kg
  • Increased punji poison build time 15->30s, increased Woodpile requirement to 4, increased mass from 1kg to 5kg
  • Decreased palisades build time 60->45s, decreased mass from 12kg to 8kg
  • Removed lumber requirement from 0m platforms
  • Added wooden target base part
  • Adjusted height of 3m tire stacks
  • AI have their "give up" radius randomized now to help prevent exploiting the behavior (except wolves, for now)
  • AI will now engage the player again if they have given up chasing a player and they are subsequently attacked
  • Minor adjustments to the airfield area - reduce model clipping, terrain painting issues
  • Few tweaks to gas station prefabs
  • Fixed numerous clipping/floating issues with gas station objects
  • DPI awareness disabled - fixes mouse scaling issues in fullscreen mode
  • Updated m40 magazine icon
  • Removed windmill creak sound from the radio towers
  • Fixed some idle animations so footIK is working correctly in crouch
  • Changed woodpaddle idle set up to match everything else
  • Eating and drinking animations added
  • Skin fixes for no sleeve vest around male's right armpit
  • Lookpose changes for when looking left so player's head turns correctly
  • Fixed issues so emotes work correctly in lowered stance of when using no weapon
  • Added M16, AKM, crafted smg lowered stance fire mode change animation, also added in crouch
  • Adjusted hands up emote so it works better
  • Skin fixes for male torso/chest, and no sleeve vest
  • Adjusted hair textures to look better
  • Optimized mesh for Ruger 22 magazine and added LODs
  • Fixed several counter tops that had texture issues
  • Various tree LOD fixes/ optimizations
  • Fixed office corkboard so the textures are correct
  • Added correct "packed" version of canopy and gazebo
  • Adjusted bathroom towel rack textures to look better
  • Flare gun textures improved
  • Optimized female textures
  • Updated textures on the log furniture and log cabin
  • Adjusted a couple of the impact textures for surfaces to be more correct looking

Valentine's Day Update #46 - 02/14/2017

Female Character

The female character has been added and is now playable. You may change to the female character through the Player Setup options on the main menu screen

Note: If you already have a character on a server you must die (you can use the suicide function), then exit to the main menu before respawning, then change your gender to female (or male if switching from female), then rejoin the server. This is the only way you can do it that didn't require us to wipe the servers. If you are joining a server you haven't played on before it will use whatever gender you have selected, you will not need to die and rejoin.



We added additional game rules that have been requested by server administrators,
however some of those settings do not represent our vision for a survival game.
Nonetheless, as acknowledgement of the customization requests, they have been added, but are only supported on whitelisted servers. The entire Faction System is explained at the end of these patch notes.


Chat Commands
  • Chat commands can be typed into the chat window and can be used to get additional game information
  • The current chat commands are:
  • !uptime (amount of time the server has been running for)
  • !ping (your ping time to the server)
  • !restart (time until next scheduled server restart)
  • !server (name of server you are playing on - and motd messages)
  • !pop (displays the server population)


  • Fixed issue with new shutdown/scheduling commands not working via rcon or in the hosting.cfg
  • Servers can now be configured to adjust where players can build bases at. There are three options listed below:
    < >g_gameRules_bases=0 (players cannot build bases on the server)
    g_gameRules_bases=1 (default - can only build in the default, allowed areas)
    g_gameRules_bases=2 (players can build anywhere, but can ONLY be set on a Whitelisted server)
    Servers - Whitelisted Only
    The following new features will only work if you have your server set up to whitelist players. All normal (non-whitelisted) servers need to run the same game rules, so these do NOT apply to them.
    • Added ability to block any Steam IDs with VAC/game bans from joining the server - set sv_noBannedAccounts=1 in hosting.cfg file
    • Added ability to notify all players when a new players connects or a player disconnects - set sv_msg_conn=1 in hosting.cfg file
    • Added ability to notify all players when a player is killed - displays killer, victim, and weapon/vehicle used - set sv_msg_death=1 in hosting.cfg file
    Base Building
    • Part damage colors have been re-introduced - parts should darken at each 25% of damage caused to them
    • Made tiki torch light more subtle, better particle effect, slight lens flare added
    • Bronze gnome added (so you can have bronze, silver, and gold!)
    • Any clan member interacting with a base will reset the despawn timer - including opening a crate's inventory
    • Arrow damage was updated to use our kinetic-based damage system (now is consistent with bullets)
    • Adjusted view distances for all specs to ensure gameplay is fair across all settings
    • Adjusted vehicle spawning code to help prevent some servers spawning with too many vehicles
    • Potential fixes for a couple of additional client crashes (from BugSplat integration)
    • Don't allow items to be dropped while on a ladder
    • Resolutions below 720 in height or 1024 in width are not supported and have been removed from the resolutions list
    • Added rear cargo lights to the 5-ton truck (default is "t" key)
    • Woodland trees can now be harvested for wood
    • Adjusted harvesting message to indicate you may be carrying too much weight
    • Added message that is displayed if you are trying to pick up an item that already has other items inside of it
    • Game properly hides skin mesh under long clothes (will still be seen in inventory view)
    • Reflex sight added - can only be used on the AT-15 - support for M16 and Mk18 will be added later
    • Decreased basic flashlight spawn chance
    • Adjusted ratio of drink to food items since several drinks can be refilled
    • Increased spawn chance of the lugwrench since it's the only item that can be used to repair vehicles
    • Torch no longer set players on fire when not lit
    • Added new area north of Woodhaven with road access to Hayward
    • Can now access river by Horseshoe beach to the ocean so you can drive a boat from river to ocean
    • Updated the shire swamp area
    • Various other minor fixes and tweaks around the world
    • Moved a weapon spawner that was impossible to loot in the three story houses
    • Replaced some of the old assets used in the three story homes with new ones
    • Fixed rain occluder in the single story house
    • Updated icons for the hammer and hatchet
    • Fixed rooster idle so the sound is correctly played
    • Don't allow any fullbody emotes (opening inventory, for example) to be used while on ladders - would cause animation issues
    • Pick up object animation added
    • Male tshirt mesh altered to stop clipping with trousers
    • Skinning on stowpack altered to fix issues around straps
    • Crouching search container dedicated animation added instead of using standing
    • Adjusted textures on the pickaxe
    • Adjusted plywood material to look better
    • Fixed missing texture for the basebuilding electrical cables
    • Adjusted some of the Bistro assets - umbrellas and chairs
    • Improved textures for some of the single story and three story houses
    • Fixed missing tuna can material at distance
    • Fixed materials for two of the sunglasses models
    • Adjusted materials on the quonset military building
    • Adjusted materials on the sleeping bags
    • Fixed shading issues on the gas station
    • 5-ton truck - fixed glass not showing impacts, adjust physics proxies, reduced drawcalls
    • Fixed burned material setup on pick up truck
    • Many more adjustements and tweaks to textures
    Faction System
    The faction system can support a multitude of scenarios like PVE, factions, or role play. Players, mutants/animals and bases have each already been assigned to a builtin faction and the damage caused between those factions is controlled in detail by a damage multiplier matrix described in the following sections.

    Players can also join additional defined factions by issuing a chat command that is the name of the faction (in the faction example below it would be !lawmen or !outlaw since those are the defined names for factions). After a faction is joined it can't be left until a server restart. A player's current faction can be determined with the chat command "!faction".

    Server administrators can fully customize the factions by turning them on/off, the damage amounts, faction names and faction access based on Steam IDs.

    Up to 4 additional factions can be defined. By default two are already predefined: lawmen and outlaw - each of those can be redefined by the server administrator.

    Faction Definition

    Special builtin faction indexes: (builtin factions can't be disabled) The indexes will be used in some of the following commands.

    0 - players (without an assigned faction)
    1 - environment (mutants, animals, etc)
    2 - bases

    To use a player faction they must be enabled, like in the following example
    g_gameRules_faction3=1 (activate first additional faction - faction index 3)
    g_gameRules_faction4=1 (activate second additional faction - faction index 4)
    g_gameRules_faction5=1 (activate third additional faction - faction index 5)
    g_gameRules_faction6=1 (activate fourth additional faction - faction index 6)

    Once each player faction is enabled then you can define addtional settings and rules for them In the following examples [0-6] means to specify one of the faction indexes.

    Sets the faction's name and chatcommand keyword to join that faction. Each faction name must be unique.

    By default anyone can join a faction, but it can restricted by adding a semicolon separated list of 64-bit Steam IDs

    By default every faction does normal damage to every other faction, but a damage multiplier can be specified for any combination of factions - it's a 7x7 damage multiplier matrix. As examples, you could use the following values on the right side of the equals sign to scale the default damge done between to two specified factions:

    0.0 no damage
    0.5 means half damage
    1.0 normal damage
    2.0 double damage

    The faction system allows, as one example, a PVE server with the following rules:
    • players can't damage each other and bases
    • players can join a outlaw or lawmen faction
    • outlaw and lawmen can fight each other while the other players are unaffected
    • lawmen can't damage each other
    • players can damage outlaws but not lawmen
    • outlaws could be allowed to damage bases while lawmen can't
    • the environment can damage anyone (and to increase difficulty player damage to them can be halfed while damage to players could be doubled)
    • messages for deaths and join/disconnect

    The following added to the hosting.cfg configures all of the above settings:

    -- Example section to add to hosting.cfg file (PVE with outlaw and lawmen) --
    -- lawmen need to join the faction with !lawmen chat command
    -- outlaw need to join the faction with !outlaw chat command

    -- default (no faction assigned) players can't damage each other and bases

    -- players can join an outlaw or lawmen faction

    -- outlaw and lawmen can fight each other while the unassigned players are unaffected

    -- lawmen can't damage each other

    -- players can damage outlaws but not lawmen

    -- outlaws could be allowed to damage bases while lawmen can't

    -- environemt can damage anyone (and to increase difficulty player damage to them can be halfed while damage to players could be doubled)

    -- messages for deaths and join/disconnect

    -- to allow only specific players to join the lawmen group do the following:
    -- the following would only allow the Steam IDs of Miscreated and MrsMiscreated to join the lawmen faction

    -- uncomment if wanted: allow bases to be built everywhere
    -- (if abused you can define a access restricted faction with a high damage multiplier to clean them up)
    -- g_gameRules_bases=2


Hotfix #46a - 02/17/2017
  • Fixed "ghostshot" issue
  • Fixes for having female clothes on males at times when swapping inventory items
  • Fix for out of bounds area killing players in clothing store in Hayward
  • Added removed bridge back temporarily so people with bases there can collect their stuff, will be removed in a future update
  • Added missing tent bottoms in the firestation
  • Fix for skin clipping through clothes in inventory preview
  • Adjusted female subsurface material setting (to look less plastic)